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Adding an Egress Window to Your Denver Basement Finishing Project

basement windowsFinishing a basement has become a very popular way to increase a homes square footage of your Denver home. If you are considering a basement finish or basement remodeling project it is important you have a thorough understanding of your local building codes. Your Denver remodeling contractor can inform you as to the codes before you undertake a project.

One of the most important requirements associated with basement finishing is the need for an egress window. The reason for an egress window is to create a second exit from the basement in case of a fire. Adding a window to your basement can also add a considerable amount of light in. This is often overlooked when considering the cost of adding an egress window to your basement finishing project. By creating a safe, well lit space you will add value to your home. The cost of an egress window can vary throughout parts of the U.S. In Kansas City an average Denver homeowner can expect to pay around $4000 to have an egress installed. If you are planning to finish your basement you should try to include this in your budget.

The main reason for installing egress windows is to meet code requirements. Once the window is installed, homeowners are typically surprised how much light is let in. This is especially true when the window is close to or above grade. A Denver ranch with a finished basement is far more efficient than a two story house with an unfinished basement. When a project is executed well, you are able to make your basement more like the rest of your Denver home.


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