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Frequently Asked Questions

Will my house be dusty during our remodeling project?

  • Dust control is a major priority with us. We go to extremes to make sure your home stays as clean as possible during your project. In addition to keeping the dust in the work area, we even use state of the art air filters to clean the air as we're working!

Are you properly licensed and insured for my project?

  • Yes, we carry a General Contractors License for each city and county we work in.
  • We carry twice the national average of insurance to ensure you and your family is protected.

Do you use sub-contractors?

  • Yes, our sub-contractors are vital to the success of your project.
  • Our sub-contractors are a valuable and trusted partner who has been with us for over 7 years. They provide high quality work within a pre-determined timeline on every job.

Will you include everything I need to complete my job?

  • Yes, we include everything you will need to complete your job right the first time; too many companies give you a low number to get their foot in the door. We believe in an open door policy with your project.

Are permits required on my project?

  • Yes, if the job requires permits, we pull all the necessary permits.  
  • Rule of thumb is, same fixture same location, none required. Adding or moving electrical or plumbing requires permits.
  • Be cautious of anyone asking you to pull the permit which makes you responsible for the vendors or subcontractors.

Do you provide references?

  • Yes, references are always provided on the 2nd visit with a folder that contains: References, License, Insurance, and Vendor’s List.

Do you use separate Project Managers and Estimators?

  • No, Kevin will be your Project Manager and estimator and will be on-site daily to ensure your project runs like clockwork.

How will I choose my tiles, cabinets and fixtures?

  • We have a core group of trusted and reliable vendors we choose to be partners with on your project. Showroom visits are included.  
  • We offer you the materials at our generous discount, up to 40% off retail and then apply a modest markup to handle the ordering, coordinating deliveries, verifying the correct fixture has arrived, and of course the warranty of your materials for a period of 2 Years.

Have you completed a project similar to ours within the last 12 months?

  • Yes, since all we do is remodeling we average 12-15 jobs a year for the last 10 years.  

How long have you been in business?

  • For over 10 years in the Denver Metro Area.   

Will my pets have to leave during my project?

  • No, all of our trade partners are pet friendly; we just hope Peaches is people friendly!
  • A prearranged area will be discussed as well as food and water and bathroom break schedule if necessary.

I live in an older home; do I have any additional concerns?

  • Yes if your home was built before 1978 you have to hire a contractor who is a Certified Renovator such as O’Brien Construction, more information can be found here.

Do you offer any type of design work?

  • Absolutely! We offer the latest in 3-D color Rendering program to offer you a first hand look of what your completed project will look like BEFORE any work is started, minimizing the time we are in your home.

Do you provide lien waivers?

  • Yes, lien waivers are provided by sub-contractors and vendors upon request. The lien waiver protects you from contractors who do not pay their subs or vendors.

Will you show up on time and finish my project on time?

  • Yes, 46% of new clients rate their remodeling contractor as Fair. We can’t live with just satisfied clients, we want raving fans. We utilize a time tested system so we can maximize your remodeling experience.

Is your work guaranteed?

  • Absolutely! We go to great lengths to ensure your project is done correctly the first time. Our written guaranty will give your peace of mind that your investment will be covered for 2 years, twice the national average.
  • Take comfort in knowing that the warranty work will be conducted in the same professional and expedient manner as the project itself.

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