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Denver Bathroom LightingSuitable lighting fixtures in bathrooms enable one to get the right shave for that important executive meeting or the right make-up for a date. Apart from their aesthetic significance, bathroom lighting fixtures ensure that the bulbs are held in the right position. A bathroom is a place with lots of moisture and condensed soapy deposits, hence it is vital to choose the right kind of material for your Denver bathroom lighting needs.

The right lighting can also make a big improvement on the overall look and feel of your bathroom. Lighting may not seem like a bathroom decoration, but the right light fixture can add to the style of the room as well as make all other special details in the bathroom stand out. A poorly lit bathroom often appears drab and unsettling, no matter what type of decor is used to spruce the area up. The right lighting can also make it much easier for you to get ready in the morning, as well as put less strain on your eyes.

At O'Brien Construction, our Denver bathroom remodeling specialists can help you with your selection of bathroom lighting to ensure you get the perfect lighting solution for your bathroom remodel. Please call us today at 303-506-1262 to learn more about the types of bathroom lights we can install in your bathroom remodel, or for more bathroom remodeling ideas and tips from our specialists. We look forward to helping you with your bathroom renovation!

Types of Bathroom Lighting that can Improve Your Denver Bathroom Remodel

General ambient lighting gives your bathroom the most illumination towards the floor, but it will produce more glare than other types of bathroom light fixtures. Here are some alternative bathroom lighting solutions that can really transform your bathroom when installed and placed correctly:

  • Task Lighting - is a direct beam of light that illuminates a particular area with very work-specific tasks, not intended to light the entire room. Task lighting can be a beam of light directed towards the reading area while in the tub, while shaving, reading, exercising on the treadmill, applying makeup or putting in your contact lenses. It can be turned on only when you need it. Use wall sconces on both sides of the mirror or medicine cabinet as bathroom vanity lights so that you benefit from lighting from both sides.
  • Accent Lighting - these types of bathroom light fixtures are intended to create a certain visual drama and atmosphere in the bathroom, and they provide focus to selected details of the room for a decorative touch. Consider using track lighting to spotlight decorative objects or to provide a relaxing environment that you will enjoy when soaking in the tub.
  • Decorative Lighting - these are lighting fixtures that draw attention to themselves as objects and they are used to create an effect. Chandeliers, candles (traditional and electric), fireplace, candelabra and low voltage pendant fixtures are examples of decorative lighting.

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