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How To Minimize Construction Dust When Remodeling

remodeling debris removalRemodeling is a wonderful thing to do for a home but the construction dust is extremely frustrating. After the fine particles float in the air for some time, the drywall dust and other materials settle on every surface. This construction dust will cover the glassware inside your china cabinet, the furniture, the drapes, in and on the cabinets, and everything else.

When drywall dust covers your furnishings, glass, and other surfaces, wiping it off can scratch the surface. Drywall is made of limestone, so the particle dust is highly abrasive. You pretty much have to vacuum the entire house to safely remove the dust but you better have a good filter system on the vacuum or it will all flow out again.

Unfortunately, the construction dust also hangs out in the air for some time. This can be a bad problem for allergy sufferers or the ill. It’s also highly unhealthy for anyone to breathe. For just one example of what could be in construction dust, Google this phrase and see what comes up: construction workers with lung disease from asbestos exposure

Many building products such as paint, adhesives, and plastics give off VOC vapors during remodeling construction. Volatile Organic Compounds are harmful to your health, which is why they need to be scrubbed from the air.

But you can’t avoid remodeling just because of the construction dust. So how do you remodel *and* minimize dust?

Magnetic Dust Barrier Door Systems

How can you remodel and minimize dust? Our Denver remodeling pros at O’Brien Construction use magnetic dust barrier door systems. This is one of a two-part system we use to control the construction dust. While you will find information out there that suggest you can cover the doors with plastic and tape, the magnetic dust barrier is much more effective. The door closes on its own so it’s easy to keep the area closed off yet still be able to access or leave the area quickly.

Not all remodeling companies will give a hoot about how the construction dust affects the customer. Many don’t bother with plastic barriers or protecting the home at all. Be sure you choose a remodeling company who cares enough about containing the construction dust because it’s only you and your family who will have to live with the after effects.

A600 Air Scrubber To Clean Remodeling Dust

You will also find information about wrapping and covering the window treatments, tub, sinks, and everything else you want to protect to keep construction dust from settling on them. There is no way to not create dust while remodeling but you can keep the majority of it from settling on the surfaces. As a second part of our system, we use a top of the line HEPA Air Scrubber Ermator A600. Combined with the magnetic dust barrier door system, the remodeling dust problem is greatly reduced.

With the HEPA air scrubber we use, the airflow is passed through the system and cleaned to .3 microns. This system will not only scrub the air of the drywall dust, it will remove any harmful VOCs. This air scrubber is a favorite of our professional Denver remodeling company because it is 99.99% efficient.

Dust Control Remodeling Service In Denver

At O’Brien Construction, we care about our customer’s satisfaction. We want you to be comfortable and happy when we have finished your remodeling project. This is why we invest in and take the time to use equipment that will trap the remodeling dust and then clean it up. The magnetic dust barrier door system and our HEPA air scrubber are just one way that we thank customers for choosing our Denver remodeling services.

If you live in one of our service areas, we hope you will contact us for a consultation. Otherwise, do your homework and ask the contractors how they control the dust during remodeling. You don’t have to put up with all that construction dust or spend time worrying about it polluting your indoor air!

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