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Top Ways to Renovate for Small Kitchens

Hiring a remodeling contractor to take care of your kitchen renovations is an exciting task to take on. Even if you have a small kitchen.

It’s true, you can make it a bigger project and expand your kitchen. This usually means changing the layout and moving plumbing and electrical, which can get pretty costly. Or, you can make the best of what you’ve got and use design and kitchen remodeling tricks to make this space work better for you. It’s all about learning some tips and tricks that will help this space look and feel larger.

Top Ways to Renovate for Small Kitchens

Small Kitchens in DenverHaving a more compact kitchen doesn’t have to be a bad thing. For some family dynamics, cooking isn’t the central focus of the household and this leaves more space for other rooms in the home.

The goal is to make the most of the space you do have. You can also use some tricks to help give the illusion this space is bigger:

  • Make it Light
    Use natural light, supplemental artificial light, and even choose your paint colors accordingly. Dark spaces feel small and confined. The idea is to use light to open things up a bit. Allow for plenty of windows and even skylights or solar tubes to let in natural light. However, for overcast days and after dark, make sure you have plenty of manufactured lighting options.
  • Use All the Space
    While you don’t want the room to feel cluttered, you also want to make sure you fully use the space that’s available to you. Don’t waste any good, useable space. Since storage is usually the biggest thing missing in tiny kitchens, you’ll want to get creative with floor to ceiling options, narrow cabinets, and plenty of drawers. You can do all of this without sacrificing the counter space you need, it you’re careful.
  • Go Narrow & Tall for Refrigeration
    The state-of-the-art refrigerators that do everything aside from clean the kitchen are neat, but are they necessary? If your kitchen isn’t your top priority, you can simplify when it comes to appliances and gadgets. Instead of those oversized units, opt for narrow but taller refrigerators and maximize the existing space.
  • Go Big & Mild for Floor Tiles
    One thing that can make a small space feel even smaller, and more cluttered, is the use of tiny and vibrant floor tiles. Go large and light and it will work just right! You’ll be amazed at how much less cramped the kitchen feels when you use oversized tiles in lighter colors, like white and neutrals.

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