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Unique Features to Add To Your Littleton Bathroom Remodeling Project

Littleton Bathroom Remodeling ProjectRemodeling the bathroom of your Littleton home is your chance to add the unique and desirable features that you have always wanted in a bathroom. Not only will this project make your home’s bathroom more stylish, it can also make it more functional and filled with modern technology.

There are several reasons to have the bathroom remodeled in your home including:

  • Improve the functionality of your bathroom
  • Recreates a new bathroom design plan
  • Increase the market value of your home
  • Gives you the opportunity to add new style and unique features

Bathroom remodeling projects are great home improvement opportunities. Not only can use you use this time to make your bathroom more functional for your family, but you can also take the time to add unique features to your bathroom that will make your home more marketable.  Here are some top unique features to add to your Littleton bathroom remodeling project.

Skylights and Large Windows

Natural light is a great feature to incorporate into a bathroom. Not only will this save you money on your electric bills, natural light is more functional in a bathroom. It allows for the easier application of make-up, and it can add a warm feeling to your bathroom.

To add more natural light to your new bathroom consider adding a large window with smog covered glass that will allow light to come in, but won’t invite an outsider to see in.

Another great way to add natural light to a bathroom is through the use of skylights. Skylights give you the benefits of a window without having to install window coverings.

Unique Shower Features

Bathing is already an enjoyable part of your day, but you can make it more relaxing by installing unique shower features. These features can give your shower a more modern feel, and they can make you crave a hot shower after a long day at work.  Consider adding these features to you shower:

  • Multi-shower heads
  • Water falls
  • Jets

Radiant Heat Flooring

Radiant heat – a technology for heating indoor and outdoor areas. It uses radiant energy to heat an area like the sunshine heats the outdoors.

You can install radiant heat flooring throughout your bathroom under ceramic tile or stone. When you get out of a hot shower, or a warm bath, your feet will no longer have to touch a cold floor.

Soothing Sounds

One of the newest features you can add to a bathroom remodeling design plan is a sound system. Everyone enjoys listening to their favorite radio show while getting ready for work, or rocking out to the newest dance music while getting ready for a night out. You can make these easier by installing a sound system in your bathroom.

**Tip: add an iPod charger/connecting port to play all your favorite recent downloads

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