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Picking The Perfect Bathtub For Your Bathroom Remodeling Project

Denver Bathtub DesignWhen hiring a remodeling contractor to make changes to your bathroom, the bathtub is one of those key components you need to think about. A renovated bathroom becomes a space you’ll end up spending a lot of time in, and rightfully so.
Once remodeled, your bathroom should be a spa-like oasis and the perfect spot to unwind at the end of a long, stressful day. Making sure you select just the right tub to complete the project is of the utmost importance.

Plus, during your bathroom remodeling, keep in mind the tub becomes a main feature and focal point. Choose something you won’t mind looking at, every single day.

Factors & Features for Your New Tub

As with any component of your home, there are some considerations when it comes to making a choice, even for your bathtub. These include things like style, size, materials, and price.
Some of the most common styles homeowners choose from include:

  • For an option that fits well in just about any space and won’t need connecting walls, freestanding tubs are a perfect solution.
  • Oval is a classic shape used in places like apartments and usually fit nicely in smaller spaces. It’s a little more utilitarian and often a good choice for someone who isn’t that concerned with stretching out and soaking the bath very often.
  • As the name implies, a corner tub fits nicely in a corner. It makes better use of space and still gives you room to stretch out a bit in the bathtub.
  • Japanese style or a soaking tub is next level and is best suited for anyone who plans to chill out in the tub a lot. Usually circular or oval, It’s usually longer, wider, or both, making it the ideal shape and size for lounging in a tub.
  • Although walk-in tubs are an important choice for aging-in-place homes, anyone can opt for this alternative. It’s not just beneficial for avoiding slip-and-falls, it’s more comfortable for just about any body shape and size.

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More Tips on Bathroom Remodeling

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