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How to Go Green with Your Denver Bathroom Remodel

Denver bathroom remodelMore and more homeowners across the country are noticing the importance and benefits of creating energy efficient and environmentally friendly living spaces. So during any remodeling projects, our clients often like to know what they can do to save energy and conserve resources. But “Going Green” isn’t only good for your community and the surrounding environment. It can also help you and your family stay healthier and safer. And it can save you money on energy and resources. It might even qualify you for tax rebates.


If you’re having a Denver bathroom remodel, we can help make sure it’s a “greener” part of your home. Here are some tips for creating a bathroom that’s more earth-friendly:


Use Non-Toxic Building Materials


It shouldn’t be too difficult to find non-toxic building materials for any fixtures you plan to build during your Denver bathroom remodel at most hardware stores, but you have to look. These will have a positive effect on your family’s health and the surrounding environment.


If you’re installing any insulation, try to look for material that’s derived from cotton, soybean, or natural materials. These will be safer to handle and better to have in your home in the future.


Use Renewable Woods


A lot of woods that you can buy in hardware stores contribute to deforestation, which can have a huge negative effect on biodiversity and animal habitats. When you’re shopping for woods, try to find some that is certified by the Forest Stewardship Council. The FSC only certifies wood that does not contribute to deforestation, but that’s harvested in a way to help make wood and trees more renewable.


Another great alternative is to use woods like bamboo or cork. These two are not only extremely durable and very attractive, but they grow very quickly. So they won’t contribute to deforestation, and using them as alternatives will help with reforestation.


Stay Away from Volatile Organic Compounds


Volatile organic compounds, or VOCs, are compounds with boiling points at or close to room temperature. Which means that in ordinary conditions, they’ll evaporate and pollute your air. VOCs are frequently found in paints and sealants. For instance, formaldehyde is commonly used in paints. When VOCs have to be used, it is recommended that it’s in a well-ventilated space–so your bathroom may not be the best place for them. When you’re looking for products for your Denver bathroom remodel, check the labels for “No VOCs” or, at least, “Low VOCs”.


Use Fixtures that Conserve Water


Standard toilets use around six liters of water per flush. Using low-flow or dual-flush toilets can cut that number in half. There are also low-flow versions of shower heads and faucets that can reduce the amount water you use.


Install Energy Efficient Lights


Lighting accounts for 14% of all the electricity used in a typical household. So cutting back on your electrical lighting can help you conserve a lot of energy. Energy efficient lighting fixtures will use much less electricity than standard ones, and you won’t need to change the bulbs as often.


Remember as well that natural light is 100% cheaper than electric light and uses no electricity at all! Installing a window or skylight during your Denver bathroom remodel can save you a ton on electricity.


More Tips on Bathroom Remodeling

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