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Features You Can Add During a Lakewood Bathroom Remodeling Service

The bathroom is a great room to remodel because the design possibilities are endless. There are several unique features you can add during a Lakewood bathroom remodeling service to make your bathroom more enjoyable in the future.

Theses feature will not only add functionality to your bathroom, but several of them can add a unique decorative feature. Add unique features to your Lakewood bathroom remodeling service will not only make your bathroom more enjoyable for your, but it will also increase the resale value of your home and add some interesting marketing features.

  • Glass Tile – Tile in the bathroom is the most common thing in the world. However, glass tile is new and exciting. This tile is made with small pieces of glass and formed into the shape of tile. It can give any bathroom
  • Soaking Tub – Most girls crave a giant, garden tub in their dream bathroom made specifically for long hours of soaking. It is becoming more and more popular to exchange your tub and shower combo for a nice garden tub. Large, modernized tubs are becoming the latest bathroom trend.
  • Skylights – Adding natural light and windows to a bathroom has always been tricky. You don’t want a large window if you live in an area where anyone can look inside, but you still need the natural light. Installing a skylight on your ceiling can add a modern twist while giving you the natural light you crave.
  • Multi-Head Showers – When you don’t want a garden tub, but you still want the spa-like feel of a unique bathing option, a shower with multiple heads can be the answer. You can install a shower with a water fall or sprayer for unique twist.
  • Radiant Heat – No one likes to get out of their hot shower and touch freezing cold floor. You can put down a rug, but it is going to have to be changed constantly, and it will stick to your wet feet. Instead you can install radiant flooring as a heating option. Radiant floor heat is an efficient heat distribution system that uses the entire floor to heat your home.
  • Soothing Sounds – If you are trying to turn your bathroom into an escape from reality, one of the best features you can add is a built in sound system. You can make long soaks in the tub more enjoyable by installing a sound system that allows you to use your iPod to blast your favorite tunes.
  • Electric or Gas Fireplace – In the past, it was popular to have a fireplace in every room, especially in the colder areas of the country. When you are deciding on features for your Lakewood bathroom remodeling, think about installing a gas or electric fireplace. These fireplaces can make your bathroom warmer during the winter without the hassle of a traditional fireplace.
  • Subway Tile – Subway tile is the traditional bathroom tile that you automatically picture in your head. You have seen a million times. Since it is so traditional, it can be a great addition to any bathroom remodeling plan. 

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