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Countertop Options For Your Kitchen Remodel

Countertop Options For Your Kitchen Remodel

Denver kitchen remodeling

Replacing an old or damaged countertop in your kitchen can completely transform
its look. Fortunately, there are many options in a wide variety of prices. The type of
countertop you select for your kitchen will depend heavily on your lifestyle, décor
aspirations, as well as the current design of your home. Below are a few countertop
options to consider when you’re ready to revamp your kitchen’s appearance.


Mimics the look of a stone but requires less maintenance. Quartz countertops can
withstand hot pots, serrated knives, and stains due to its make-up of minerals and
resins. Quartz is available in bright colors with patterns that resemble granite and


Granite provides a unique look and like quartz, it can hold up to heat and scratches.
A polished, matte finish will stand up to most stains if the granite is sealed properly.
Many individuals in the market for a kitchen remodeling contractor go for this
option because it offers a variation of finishes.

Soapstone, Limestone, and Marble

Soapstone and marble aren’t as common as granite but have excellent resistance to
heat damage. Minor scratches can be repaired by sanding lightly and applying
mineral oil. Limestone also has the appearance of natural stone, does not have
heavy veins or grains, and can withstand high temperatures as well.


Thanks to new printing technology and decorative edging, it’s cheap, easy to install,
and looks a lot better than you might remember. Stains and heat normally don’t
damage laminate countertops; however, a cutting board will save it from knicks and
scratches when chopping food.

Solid Surfacing

It comes in a variety of colors and patterns and when used on countertops, sinks,
or backsplash, will create a seamless look because the joints are barely visible.
Solid surfaces are resilient to most stains, and minor cuts and scrapes are easily

Recycled Glass

Large pieces give a nice modern look; and when it’s finely-ground the look is
prevented from becoming too busy. Glass countertops are a nice, chic alternative to
the norm and stand up well to stains, cuts, scratches, and hot pots.

Butcher Block

It adds warmth and is easy to install and repair, but the finishing is important. It
becomes more stain-resistant when varnished; however, when penetrated with oils
the resistance is reduced. Butcher block countertops are easily scratched, but unlike
some of the other countertop options, can be sanded to return it to its store-bought

No matter what type of countertop you’re looking for, or if you’re
undecided you can call on the experts at O’Brien Construction for your
kitchen installation questions.
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