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Bathroom Remodeling Tips For Small Spaces

Bathroom Remodeling in DenverAlthough being able to renovate your bathroom from a smaller space to a larger one would be great, it’s not always feasible. The alternative is to hire a remodeling contractor and renovate your bathroom but use steps that can help make this space look and feel larger.

Having a small bathroom can be frustrating. However, better organization and planning for storage can make this room more user-friendly.

Make Your Tiny Bathroom Work For You

Consider these pointers for your newly designed bathroom:

  • Glass doors that swing out to open may look pretty but they also make it awkward for getting in and out in a small bathroom. Plus, they may cause you to space out other fixtures to allow for clearance. Use a curtain instead.
  • When it comes to bathroom sinks, consider a corner unit. This will save a lot of space and make it easier to move around. This will help make it easier to open and close the shower door and make the space feel larger more open.
  • Why not extend the vanity counter over the toilet? It’s referred to as a banjo-style counter because it’s wider where the sink is and narrower over the toilet. This layout gives you more counter storage space but doesn’t impact the toilet placement in the design layout.
  • Go big when it comes to the mirror. In fact, making one wall just mirror can help a lot. Not only does this make the space appear to be bigger than it actually is, it makes the vanity mirror user-friendly for two people at the same time.
  • Select a functional vanity, one that has a shelf for storage. In small spaces it has to be about utilitarian and appearance, not just looks.

For even more useful tips and tricks, contact O’Brien Construction, the finest Denver bathroom remodeling contractor around. We take great pride in the work we do and that will be clear from the results we get for you.

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