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Let There Be Light … In Your Denver Basement

Basement RemodelingIn many Denver basement remodels, the space is divided into several rooms or areas. As you plan the design and division of the space and the style of the furnishings and the function of each area, it is important to consider the various lighting needs in the finished space.

It is likely that you will want to use several kinds of lighting in different parts of the basement. And the chance to use light to make the space more useful or more attractive is part of the fun of basement remodels.

Whether you are remodeling a finished Denver basement or starting from unfinished space to create the living areas you need, these tips should help you as you consider the best lighting for your Denver basement remodel.

1. Think about how you can effectively use all four main kinds or sources of light: natural Denver light (from outside), general overall artificial lighting in each room or area, artificial task lighting in appropriate areas, and accent lighting.

2. Start with natural light. Decide what kind of windows will bring in natural light most effectively. Then think about not only where you currently have windows, but also about where you might be able to add a window. Think also about the size and shape of the windows and about alternative shapes or sizes that might meet your lighting needs.

3. Plan your overall room lighting. Overall lighting will provide some level of light throughout the room. This kind of lighting is usually installed as ceiling lights or wall sconces, pendant lights or even

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