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Aurora Stone Bathroom Tiles

Aurora bathroom tiles are available in many different models, styles and varieties. The most attractive among the stone bathroom tiles are the Natural Stone Tiles. Natural stone bathroom tiles categorized into 3 types depending on the rock type they come from; Igneous, Sedimentary and Metamorphic.

The two types of igneous rocks which are used to make stone bathroom tiles is basalt and granite. Igneous rock is created by the cooling of magma (molten rock) into a rock. The magma later crystallizes to give a granular appearance. Brazil, India, Scotland are the main which cities in which granite is available in abundance. Marble stone tiles are available and they reflect the luxury and affluence of the house. Marble is a very hard stone and because of this it is possible to achieve a high polish and it gives a shiny royal appearance. It is suitable for hospitals, big five star hotels and luxury rooms in which cleanliness is the prime importance. Slate tiles come in different colors from almost black, to dark Grey, sienna orange, light Grey, Grey purples, and earthier green shades of Grey.

Limestone is a very popular stone tile among the various stones due to its light and neutral tones. Slate is a natural stone that is mostly used as tile for floors, patios and bathrooms. It is becoming an increasingly popular material which is used prominently since the stone is cheaper compared to tiles made of marble or granite. Slate tiles can be honed or polished depending on the degree of finish which is preferred on the slate tile. Polished slate can be slippery sometimes on a wet bathroom floor compared to other tiles.

Mosaic tiles are unique stone bathroom tiles that are commonly used in bathrooms in various Aurora

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